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The John Batchelor Show

Man-made storm clouds of global trade war lifting for the New Year. @veroderugy @Mercatus

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The John Batchelor Show

#TheScalaReport: Is this the end of the Gig Economy Tech Bubble? Chris Riegel, CEO #ScalaAPS @STRATACACHE

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The John Batchelor Show

The Horowitz report demonstrates that the Schiff memo "lied" in 2018. @DevinNunes

Low resolution scan of engraving with caption by Gustave Doré illustrating Canto XXXIV of Divine Comedy, Inferno, by Dante Alighieri. Caption: Lucifer, King of Hell...


The John Batchelor Show

Brexit defeats socialism in 2019 and points to the GOP defeating socialism in 2020. @DevinNunes

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The News & Why It Matters

Ep 434 | UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Delivers a WIN

The Conservative Party in the U.K. has WON by a landslide, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson is now FULLY focused on BREXIT. Is this a wake-up call for Democrats here in the U.S.? After a 14-hour committee debate about the articles of impeachment, President Trump takes to Twitter to defend himself. A...


Sex With Emily

Open Mics And Open Relationships with Tom Goss

On today’s show, Dr. Emily is joined by musician Tom Goss to talk about opening up relationships and his new album that explains it all. Plus, she’s answering your sex & relationship questions.   The two discuss what it’s like to go from being monogamous and in love with one person, to being polyamo...


PFF Fantasy Football Podcast with Jeff Ratcliffe

Week 15 Fantasy Stats To Know

Jeff Ratcliffe kicks off today's show with some quick thoughts on why you shouldn't be shooting for upside in your season-long fantasy football semifinals. He then dies into stats to know from all of the remaining 15 games on the Week 15 NFL slate....


The Chris Stigall Show

Running For The Brexit

Stigall “JIPs” President Trump today as he responds to the House Judiciary passing formal articles of impeachment.  Meanwhile, the voters of the UK absolutely shock the world with the most conservative results at the ballot box since the era of Margaret Thatcher in 1987!  What does it mean for the U...


Economist Radio

The Economist asks: How did Boris turn Britain blue?

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has redrawn the political map in Britain after the Conservative party won the general election by a landslide. Outside the Houses of Parliament, Anne McElvoy asks Richard Burgon, a prominent pro-Corbyn frontbencher, whether Brexit or the Labour leader caused the party's ...


Armstrong and Getty On-Demand

A Rational Mind at War

Hour 4 of A&G features the kind of frivolity that you've come to expect on a Friday, with a few thoughtful items thrown in for good measure....